How to Mount Items in Scrapbooks

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If you're a new scrapbooker, trying to figure out how to mount different types of items in your scrapbook can be tricky. There is no "one-size-fits-all" adhesive solution, so you will need to keep several different products on hand to make sure you're prepared to create your layouts.


Photos can be attached with a glue stick, double sided tape, or photo corners. If you're using a glue stick or double sided tape, repositionable adhesive tends to work better because it allows for the option of removing the photos at a later date if they need to be copied or shared outside of your scrapbook.

Do not use rubber cement for your scrapbooking. Rubber cement is fine for children's craft projects, but the chemicals in this adhesive will damage your photos over time.


Protect items in plastic pockets

If you're adding one-of-kind memorabilia to your layout, removable mounting options are best. Photo corners are a good way to attach certificates and newspaper clippings. Plastic memorabilia pockets do an excellent job of protecting items like a lock of hair, a hospital wristband, or souvenir coins from a family vacation.


If you're ready to try some of the trendier scrapbook embellishments, here are some tips for how to best adhere these items to your layouts.


Vellum is tricky to use in your scrapbook pages because of its transparent nature. If you use an ordinary glue stick, the adhesive shows through the paper when it dries. Using a specially designed product such as Scotch Vellum Adhesive ensures that you don't have any adhesive residue visible on your finished layout.

If you don't want to invest in a separate adhesive for use with vellum, the best way to adhere it to your scrapbook layout is to attach it with brads or eyelets. If you can sew, you can also try stitching around the edges of the paper to keep it in place.

Paper Flowers

Attaching flower with a brad

Paper flowers, such as the ones made popular by Prima, should be attached with scrapbooking brads. Insert the brad through the center of the flower, poke a small hole in your paper, insert the brad through the hole, and bend the prongs flat to keep the flower in place. To add extra visual interest to your flowers, look for rhinestone or fabric covered decorative brads.


Using ribbon on your layouts is an excellent way to add color and texture to your scrapbooking projects. Small bits of ribbon can be tied to holes in decorative tags. Larger ribbon borders can be stapled or sewn into place.

Occasionally, you will find scrapbooking ribbon with adhesive already applied. To use self adhesive scrapbook ribbon, simply pull off the paper backing and press the ribbon onto the designated spot in your layout. This adhesive is not repositionable, so make sure you know exactly where you want your ribbon to be before you add it to the page.


Do not make the mistake of assuming you can use an ordinary glue stick to adhere chipboard accents to your scrapbook pages. Chipboard can be quite heavy, so a strong adhesive is a must. Glue dots are the best choice for chipboard embellishments. If you want to create a slight 3D effect, use pop up glue dots to subtly lift the chipboard off the page.


Adding lace to your scrapbook page

Adding lace to your pages is a popular technique for wedding and baby girl scrapbook pages. Spray adhesive is the best way to adhere lace fabric or lace cut paper to your scrapbook. However, you will need to look for a product such as Elmer's Spray Adhesive that is labeled as acid free and photo safe to avoid accidentally damaging your precious pictures.


Spray adhesive will work well to adhere felt to your page, although you can also hand stitch the felt for a cute homespun look. Use embroidery floss in a coordinating color and make "X" stitches as needed for a decorative touch.


Sew on scrapbook buttons

The most popular way to attach buttons to a scrapbook layout is to simply sew them directly to the page using colored embroidery floss. However, if you hate to sew, you can also attach buttons with thin glue dots or a strong liquid glue such as Beacon Craft Glue.

Protecting Special Memories

It's well worth your time to select the proper adhesive for your photos, memorabilia, and embellishments. Using the right kind of mounting option for each element in your scrapbook page will ensure that your layouts become treasured family keepsakes for future generations.

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