Snowflake Scrapbook Paper

Snowflake paper

Snowflake scrapbook paper is the quintessential winter scrapbooking supply. Whether used for outdoor layouts or to display the myriad of holiday photos, snowflakes never disappoint.

Snowflake Scrapbook Paper

When considering the styles and types of snowflake-designed scrapbooking supplies, the possibilities are virtually endless. Most major designers have an entire line of snow or winter-themed products, so you can choose the kind that best suits your photos or scrapbooking style.

  • Designs by Reminisce offers a nice selection of snowflake-patterned, double-sided scrapbook papers, including Whiteout, Falling Snow, and Snow Day.
  • Karen Foster Design is another company that has winter-themed paper. The paper offered by this company is more rustic or heritage style, so the green snowflake paper, brads, and embellishments will work great on older or sepia colored photos.
  • Basic Grey is a wildly popular scrapbooking company that sells vintage styled papers and supplies. Their Eskimo Kisses line has several papers with snowflakes incorporated in the design. Scrapbookers who prefer to add ephemera to their layouts or like to include lots of embellishments will enjoy Basic Grey's offerings. Instead of just blue and silver snowflakes, the Eskimo Kisses line has pastel pinks and greens which open up the layout possibilities.
  • is a great place for winter-them scrapbook supplies, include papers like Shimmering Snowflakes and Snow Globes from Carta Bella.

Snowflake-Themed Ideas

If you are stumped for layout ideas that include snowflakes, consider the following.

  • Snow Day: capture the joy of not having to attend school due to inclement weather.
  • First Snow of the Season: this layout can showcase nature's beauty with softly falling flakes or a crystal clean landscape of newly fallen snow.
  • Snowball Fights: recreate the excitement of spending the afternoon building an arsenal of snowballs and letting them fly.
  • Changing Seasons: make a calendar page of the winter months with important dates listed.
  • Christmas: feature outside activities, such as shopping for the tree, singing carols, or decorating the yard and home's exterior.
  • Building a Snowman: whether it is Frosty or your own creation, snowflake paper lets you create a layout that will be around long after your snowman has melted.
  • Pets: layouts documenting your pet's reaction to snow are always fun.
  • Be an Original: every snowflake is different, and a layout listing the reasons why your child, spouse, friend, or even yourself are unique will be an interesting use of snowflake design paper.
  • Weather Phenomenon: this layout could be about your city's first white Christmas in 100 years, a long stretch of continuous snow, a record cold snap, or any other historic weather-related events.

Where to Buy

Now that you have a multitude of holiday and winter photos and know what snowflake paper designs are available, it is time to buy. Most arts and crafts stores, such as Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann's, carry basic snowflake paper. However, if you are interested in a larger variety, online retailers are the way to go. Some of the most popular scrapbook supply retailers include Hobby Lobby and Amazon.

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Snowflake Scrapbook Paper