Basketball Scrapbooking Layouts

basketball scrapbook layout

If playing basketball is one of your passions, pay tribute to your favorite sport with a few special scrapbook layouts. Whether you're a traditional paper scrapbooker or you prefer making digital layouts on your computer, there are lots of page titles and design options to choose from.

11 Ideas for Scrapbooking Basketball Memories

From silly inside jokes with your teammates to the thrill of sinking the game-winning shot in front of hundreds of fans, basketball players have a plethora of inspiration to draw upon when creating pages for their scrapbook albums.

1. Slam Dunk

This classic basketball page title gets a new twist when you use it to showcase your favorite action shot and talk about how your skills as a player are growing. If you want to veer from the standard orange and brown color scheme that's so popular in basketball themed layouts, try using papers that incorporate these colors as a smaller part of the overall pattern. For example, the Echo Park Basketball collection features multiple patterns that complement the brown and orange motif of your basketball themed embellishments.

2. Cinderella Goes to the Ball

Poke fun at the stereotype that girls are only interested in chasing boys by showcasing your feminine side as well as your love of basketball. Have your teammates dress up for a night on the town, then take silly pictures of each other playing the game you love in high heels and a full face of makeup. Use the glitter basketball stickers from Hobby Lobby to add a touch of feminine sparkle to your page.

3. I'm All About That Swish

Pay tribute to Meghan Trainor's hit single All About That Bass with this fun page title. Make a page that provides a history of how you've grown as a player. Talk about what inspired you to first begin playing basketball, what positions you've played over the years, what obstacles you've had to overcome, and what some of your proudest accomplishments have been. Include photos from each stage of your journey. Accent with papers and embellishments from the Karen Foster Basketball Champ page kit.

4. Hoop Dreams

Make a bulleted list of all the things you love about basketball, accenting each item with a basketball shaped sticker or brads such as the ones from Eyelet Outlet at Amazon. Finish your page with a border of photos from various games you've played.

basketball scrapbook layout

5. Hoop-La

If you've won any awards as a player, this page title provides a great place to brag about your accomplishments. Include photos of your medals, ribbons, and trophies and include a pocket for preserving your newspaper clippings. Accent your page with basketball clip art from Clip Art Panda.

6. In the Air Tonight

Describe your pregame rituals and how it feels to walk out onto to the court. Do you get nervous? If so, how do you find the strength to focus on the game? If you're a digital scrapbooker, you can assemble this page with the free basketball themed scrapbook kit from Pixel Scrapper.

7. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Basketball legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar once said, "One man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team. " Pay tribute to your teammates by making a page featuring a large group photo and journaling about some of the ways you've learned to work together to reach your common goal.

8. Baskets of Fun

For many basketball players, their teammates became their lifelong friends. Make a page talking about some of the silly inside jokes and traditions you have with the girls on your team. Create borders or photo mats for your page with basketball-patterned washi tape.

9. You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take

When you play a sport, you learn about the power of teamwork as well as the necessity of taking risks in order to win the game. Make a layout talking about how the lessons you've learned in basketball have helped your life off the court. For example, did you find true love because you were brave enough to ask out that cute guy lifting weights next to you at the gym? Add interest to your layout with cute cardstock words and phrases from Moxie.

10. To "Air" Is Human

Tony Alfonso, owner and founder of Hoops U, said, "When you miss a shot, never think of what you did wrong. Take the next shot thinking of what you must do right." Discuss how you feel when you make a mistake during a game and what your past mistakes have taught you about becoming a better player. Type your title using the free Just a Little Pacers Fan font for a decorative touch that subtly reinforces the theme of your page.

basketball scrapbook layout

11. Basketball Never Stops

When you're serious about a sport, your workout doesn't stop when the season ends. Make a page dedicated to describing your off season practice routine. Accent with printable basketball patterned paper from The Printable Treats website.

Showcase Your Passion

Part of the appeal of scrapbooking involves providing a space to showcase the things you're passionate about. Even if you don't have access to very many pictures of you playing the sport you love, don't be afraid to create a primarily text-based layout. Whatever you create is sure to become a treasured keepsake in the years to come.

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Basketball Scrapbooking Layouts