Daddy Poems for Scrapbooking

Father and son

Poetry can help set the tone of the page and say what is in your heart with just the right words. Adding daddy poems to a scrapbook can provide a voice for the accompanying photos and overall message of the tribute album.

Free Daddy Poems for Adult Children

Even when you're all grown up, your relationship with your dad can still be a great focus for a scrapbook page. The following poems are appropriate for adult children to use in father-themed scrapbook projects.

Dad is My Guide


You held my hand as I took my first steps

And never let go until

My steps were sure and on the path

To the life that fulfills me.

Thank you for being my guide.

Author: Adrienne Warber

What It Means to Be a Father


As I look into my baby's eyes and see

What you saw the first day you held me,

I think of all I hope for this child

And those dreams of yours:

The sacred honor and awesome responsibility,

The joy that is never a bother.

I realized how much it means to be a father.

Author: Adrienne Warber

Daddy Poems from Young Children

Kids may need help coming up with the perfect poem to use in a layout. These poems are suitable for children in preschool and elementary school to use in daddy scrapbooks.

Daddy Is Fun

Daddy is fun:

He likes to play,

No matter how tired or busy his day.

Daddy loves to spend time with me.

Author: Adrienne Warber

What a Great Dad

What a great dad I have:

He is always there when I need him,

To help, teach or play.

There is no better dad,

And for that, I'm sure glad.

Author: Adrienne Warber

Dad-Themed Poems from Older Children and Teens

As kids get older, their relationship with their dad changes. Here is a sampling of poems older children in middle school and high school can use for scrapbooks:

Capital Dad

I love spending time with Dad.

He takes me on fun adventures.

He helps me learn cool things.

He always knows just what to do.

And that's Dad with a capital D.

Signed Kid with a capital K.

Author: Adrienne Warber

Thanks to the Dad: A Graduation Poem

Thanks to the Dad who steered my dreams and saw them through.

Thanks to the Dad who taught me to achieve and do the work it required.

Thanks to the Dad who turned tears and anger into smiles and laughter.

Thanks to the Dad who always believed in me even when I couldn't.

Thanks to the Dad who showed me a life well-lived and who I want to be.

Thanks to the Dad, for this diploma is an honor we both share.

Author: Adrienne Warber

Tips for Writing Your Own Father Poems

Anyone can write a quality father tribute poem for a scrapbook with some careful thought and preparation. A daddy poem allows you to speak from the heart and share your thoughts on life with dad. These tips will help you get started:

  • Write down some notes about what you want to communicate in the poem.
  • Decide if the poem is a general tribute poem to your father or if it will thank him for specific things.
  • Familiarize yourself with common poetry types and formats at sites like or the Types of Poems site. Underground has helpful tips that children can use for writing or reading poetry.
  • Determine what type of poem you would like to write. Free verse is the easiest for beginners because it doesn't require any fixed form, metrical patterns or any specific set of rhymed lines. Rhyming is not necessary in free verse, unless desired.
  • Use your notes to develop the images and thoughts in each line of the poem.
  • Try to avoid using clichés or commonly used phrases. Think of creative ways to describe things to make the poem more personal and original.
  • Any poem you write to your dad will be a good one to him because it symbolizes your feelings for him.

Online Resources for Daddy Poems

The Internet has many websites with free poetry for noncommercial use. Both famous poems and original poetry published by poets online are available. The following websites have free father-themed poems available for use in scrapbook projects:

  • The American Academy of Poets: The American Academy of Poets site has a collection of father poems from famous classic and modern poets.
  • Ellen Bailey Poems: The poet Ellen Bailey's site includes her poetry and other poets' poems on fatherhood.
  • Verses 4 Cards: The Verses 4 Cards site has a selection of poems suitable for a daddy-themed scrapbook page or a Father's Day card.
  • Poem Hunter: The Poem Hunter has user-submitted daddy poems and famous quotations about fathers on the site.

A Poem from the Heart

Whether you select a daddy poem or write your own, take care to choose the poem that captures your thoughts and feelings. When your dad reads the poems in the scrapbook, he will treasure every word because these words represent what is in your heart.

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