End of School Year Memory Book

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Ideas for creating a memory book can include preserving your child's artwork, photos of friends, teachers and special moments of achievement, such as school sports or a school play. Mementos of awards and other accomplishments should also be included in your child's memory book. Another great idea is to start an end of the year memory book as a count down to the beginning of summer vacation.

Ideas for Your Memory Book

Whether you are a teacher helping students remember the best parts of the school year or a parent preserving those treasured art projects, it helps to have a few ideas about creating a school-themed scrapbook. End of year scrapbooks also make great gifts for special teachers.

Preserving Memories and Art Work

Chances are, you probably have a large stack of artwork or essays your child or student has created throughout the school year. The end of the school year is the perfect time to create a scrapbook with these items while the memories are still fresh. This is a fun project for parents and kids to share.

To create your album, you need the following supplies:

  • Acid-free ink pens
  • Scrapbooking embellishments
  • Photos of your child throughout the year
  • Adhesive squares and scissors
  • Blank scrapbook album
  • Child's artwork or written essays
  • Acid-free spray adhesive and fixative

Set aside some time for you and your child to work together on the album. Organize the artwork chronologically. Spray artwork with acid-free spray to help preserve it. For large pieces, consider taking a photo of the artwork and using that in your album instead. Mount the artwork on a scrapbook page, using complementary scrapbook papers and embellishments. Let your child help to select the supplies. Ask your child what she remembers about creating the artwork and about this period of the school year. Write down everything she says in a journaling block on the page.

Favorite School Memories

Encourage your student or child to write a list of her favorite school-related memories. Parents and teachers can help kids use these memories to create a scrapbook album.

To get started, assemble the following supplies:

  • Scrapbook album, papers, and embellishments
  • Adhesive squares and scissors
  • Acid-free pens and markers

To create this album, have the child make several lists about her memories of the school year. These can be theme-based, such as school holidays, school projects or school sporting events. Use the lists in the scrapbook and have your child add artwork and photos that go with each list. Some other fun ideas for lists include:

  • Best foods from the school cafeteria
  • Favorite field trips of the year
  • Favorite things to do at recess
  • Most exciting moments of the school year
  • Favorite qualities of the teacher
  • Best school assignments
  • Things the student learned this year

Scrapbook Gift for Teachers

A scrapbook also makes a great gift for a special teacher. This is a project best created by a class. Enlist the help of a teacher's aide or another parent to help you organize the project.

The teacher's aid can send a note home with each child requesting a special piece of artwork, an essay, or any fun memories about the teacher. Once you have all of the materials, assemble the artwork or writing in an album, using school-themed scrapbook supplies. Be sure to spray everything with acid-free spray fixative to help preserve it. Be sure to gift wrap the memory book, so the kids can present the album to their teacher on the last day of the school year.

Countdown to Last Day of School

For kids, the end of the school year can seem a long way off. To help them appreciate each day and to make the time pass a little quicker, you can create a fun countdown album. This is an ideal project for teachers to do with their classes.

You need the following supplies:

  • Blank scrapbook album for each child
  • Adhesive squares, embellishments, papers, and scissors
  • Acid-free pens for each child
  • Digital camera and printer

Before beginning the album, decide how many days you want to count down. Older kids can count down the last 100 days of school, using an album page for each week. Younger kids might enjoy counting down the last 10 days. Each day, take digital photos of the kids going about their school day. Try to capture shots of the students working or playing together. Near the end of the school day, print out the photos, and give each child a copy. Have older kids write a short essay or poem about the events of the day. Younger kids can draw pictures or make other artwork. Write the number of the day at the top of the scrapbook page, and have the child decorate the page to match the picture. Attach the picture and writing or artwork to that day's page. Create a page for each day until the end of the school year. Be sure to leave room at the back of the album for kids to create a yearbook-style autograph section. On the last day of school, let the kids exchange their albums and write notes to one another.

A Treasured Memento

Regardless of which end of school year scrapbook design you choose, kids will enjoy the project. Making a memory book encourages reflective thinking and creativity, and it will become a treasured memento in years to come.

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