Family Vacation Quotes for Scrapbooking

Vacation scrapbook

Quotes often make a scrapbooking page come together. If you're working on a scrapbook about some recent family travel or a vacation, use some vacation quotes to liven up and finish off your scrapbooking pages.

List of Family Vacation Quotes

Use any of the quotes on this list to highlight or detail a page in your travel or vacation scrapbook.

  • You leave a piece of your heart in every location you travel to. You bring home something richer in return.
  • Travel is a fool-proof method for expanding the mind.
  • The family that vacations together, leaves behind the cares of the world together.
  • When you need a vacation from your vacation, you've done it right.
  • The start of a vacation seems to stretch into infinity. Once you return home, you wonder where all the time went.
  • Sometimes the best vacation is the one when you go nowhere at all.
  • Getting away from it all.
  • One effect of travel is learning to appreciate what you've left behind, even while you learn to appreciate what you've never had.
  • Refresh your perspective: Vacation!
  • Never let it end.

Additional Family Vacation Scrapbook Quotes

In addition to these quotes, you can also find a variety of different famous or easily recognizable quotes to liven up any scrapbook page. Check out any of these sources for famous quotes:

  • has a number of different famous quotes by people like Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Amanda Bradley and Frank Tyger.
  • has a page dedicated to Disney quotes, which is perfect for any Disney vacation-themed scrapbook.
  • has a top ten list of vacation and travel quotes to choose from.
  • has a number of different beach-themed quotes you can use for a beach vacation scrapbook.

Using Quotes in Your Scrapbook

While it's possible to use your quotes like you would on any page, there are also a number of ways you can use them to help fit in with the vacation theme, such as:

  • Place a postcard from the location on the page and print the quote in the text area.
  • Create a page in the scrapbook to look like a postcard and use script to write your quote across the page like a banner.
  • Cut the letters for the quote out of a picture of sand or the ocean and layer them on top of your pictures to look as though they are part of the image.
  • Use a themed font to highlight the quote, such as using a snow-themed font for a skiing vacation page.
  • Use colors for the quotes that reflect where you've been, such as pine green for mountain vacations and sea green for the beach.

Complete Your Vacation Scrapbook

Using just the right quotes alongside your vacation memories can help create a scrapbook page that truly commemorates the event. Whether you choose to use an original quote to highlight a funny moment or catch phrase from the trip or to use a famous quote, there are a number of ways you can use quotes to embellish your pages. Use a vacation-themed quote in your scrapbook to help make the pages - and the memories - come alive.

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Family Vacation Quotes for Scrapbooking