Owl Themed Scrapbook Layouts and Sayings

owl school scapbook layout

Adding owl embellishments and sayings to your scrapbook layout can be a fun way to give your pages a unique look. The owl motif works well with many of the most common scrapbook themes.

Owl School Scrapbook Page

Owls are often used to symbolize knowledge and wisdom, which makes them an excellent choice for school themed scrapbook pages.

The digital layout pictured above uses the free owl with ruler clip art on the My Cute Graphics website. If you're a traditional scrapbooker, Jolee's Boutique makes 3D graduation owl stickers that would work well for this design.

The 4x6 photo is double matted to draw attention to the image. The title and journaling have been printed in white to add contrast to the design. Decorative scroll clip art was used to embellish the plain patterned paper. If you're not a digital scrapbooker, you can get a similar look with rubber stamps or rub-ons.

Title and saying options for school themed pages include:

  • Grow Wise Little Owl
  • Whooo's A Great Student?
  • Wise Work
  • You're a Wise Owl
  • Give Today Your Owl
  • Hoot for (NAME)
  • We are OWLs: Outstanding Wonderful Learners
  • The Wise Bird Flies

Owl Baby Themed Scrapbook Page

owl baby scrapbook layout

Owl nursery decorations have grown to be quite popular in recent years, so you can use this as a source of inspiration for a baby themed owl scrapbook layout.

The adorable owls in a tree on this page are free clip art designed by My Cute Graphics. For traditional scrapbookers, Joann's sells owl paper with a similar design.

Right align your journaling so it appears to wrap along the empty spaces beside the tree. Since owls are a gender neutral theme, you can use pink or blue photo mats to indicate the sex of the baby.

Title and saying options for baby themed pages include:

  • Look Whooo's Here!
  • Whooo's Cute?
  • We Love (NAME) With Owl Our Heart
  • Whooo Loves You Baby?
  • Hootie Cutie
  • Whooo Would Have Thought...

Owl Birthday Scrapbook Page

owl birthday scrapbook layout

If you're tired of making birthday layouts with cake and balloon embellishments, an owl motif is a nice change of pace. Owls work especially well for adult birthday pages, since the "Wise Old Owl" description is likely to apply to many of your friends and family. Owls add whimsy and fun to birthday layouts for kids as well.

The border at the top of this page is from MeinLila's digital scrapbooking freebies. Her owl themed collection includes patterned papers as well as two photo frames. If you're a traditional scrapbooker, make your border using rubber stamps. Hampton Art's owl is an excellent choice, as is the Paper Source miniature owl stamp.

Drop shadows were added to the 4x6 photos in this layout to make the digital elements appear to "pop" off the page. Traditional paper scrapbookers can use foam adhesive squares to add dimension to their designs.

Title and saying options for birthday pages include:

  • Hoot! Hoot! Hooray! It's Your Birthday!
  • Whooo Is Another Year Older?
  • Whooo's Having a Birthday?
  • Life's a Hoot!
  • A Slice of Cake Is Something to Hoot About!
  • (NAME) Is (AGE): It's Owl Good!
  • Another Year Wiser

Owl Personality Pages

owl personality page

The owl theme works well with personality pages that showcase your friend or family member's unique traits.

The brads and ribbon are part of the Chap kit from Serif's Craft Artist Software. Traditional scrapbookers can create their layout using the embossed owl paper punch from Martha Stewart Crafts, or a similar punch, with decorative brads and ribbons from their supply stash.

Title and saying options to consider include:

  • Be Whooo You Are
  • Whooo Me?
  • You're a Hoot!
  • Owl-rageous
  • It's Not How You Look, It's Whooo You Are

More Owl Scrapbook Sayings

If your photos don't fit into any of the categories mentioned above, here are a few more owl themed sayings that might work with your layout:

  • Bless This Nest
  • Love Builds the Warmest Nest
  • Birds of a Feather Flock Together
  • Glide Through the Dark Times
  • From Owl of Us
  • Owl Together Now
  • I'll See Ya Later, Owl-Agator
  • Owl Always Love You
  • Whooooo's the Best?
  • A Word to the Wise

Using Themes Wisely

Although it can be fun to use themed embellishments and sayings on your scrapbook layout, be careful to avoid taking the focus away from your photos. The owl theme should enhance your photos and journaling, not draw the viewer's attention away from your special memories.

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Owl Themed Scrapbook Layouts and Sayings