Scrapbooking Ideas for Airline Tickets

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Airline tickets can be treasured long after they enable you to get on a plane and have a magnificent vacation. They can symbolize the freedom of flight and the core of your trip. Create scrapbook pages that showcase your airline tickets and reveal what the trip meant to you and your traveling companions.

Prepare Your Airline Tickets

Before placing your airline tickets in your scrapbook, it's important to preserve them in the most pristine condition possible. Because many airlines are looking for ways to cut corners, plane tickets and boarding passes may now be printed on cheaper paper. To prevent the ink from fading and to make them look more aesthetically pleasing, it's best to laminate your airline tickets. Alternately, you may wish to take a high quality photograph of the airline ticket when it's brand new to ensure that the image of it is captured in time, then you may print the image out on photo paper for scrapbooking purposes.

Scrapbooking Layout Ideas

Celebrate one of the inevitable parts of most vacations to far-away destinations: the airplane ride. These scrapbook layouts are focused on the airline ticket as the star of the page, representing your overall journey. Accentuate each page with stickers, cut-outs, and other accents that fit with the theme.

Child's First Airplane Adventure

Child's first airplane adventure scrapbook page

Create a double scrapbook page to celebrate your child's first airplane ride. Take photos of your child arriving at the airport, by the plane, and in the assigned seat. These can be placed on one side of the layout. Also, save mementos from the first airplane ride that you can showcase as other firsts, such as "first snack mix in the air" or maybe even the label of the bottled water. Use these mementos as the backdrop for the photos.

Use a plane-shaped cut out in a pastel color to write the story of this first airplane ride in your child's own words (or, if your child is too young, then record your own observations and feeling here). Glue it on the second page of the layout, then adhere the ticket right underneath the cut-out. The story can accentuate the ticket display. Embellish the pages with some cute air travel stickers, or frame them with strips of airplane-studded washi tape.

College Collage for Students

College collage scrapbook page

An airplane ride that's unforgettable is the one that students take when going away to college or even visiting universities to decide on just the right place to study. Make sure you always remember this important milestone with a scrapbook page that chronicles the journey.

Place the airline ticket in the center to make it clear that this scrapbook page is about the journey to the college. Have fun with the placement of stickers or cut-outs of college mascots and logos, or clippings and photos from the school brochures, around the airline ticket. Use embellishments such as paper strips, washi tape, or ribbon that have the school's colors to frame some of the images. Have the student write before and after paragraphs about the experience on cut-outs shaped like a school banner or diploma.

A Year in Flight

A year in flight scrapbook page

Sometimes one of the best parts of your year can be the times that you can get away from it all. Celebrate all the trips that you took throughout the year on one scrapbook page, which would work well as the first page of your album. Consider one of the following patterns:

  • Arrange your airline tickets in a fan-like design, being sure to showcase the destination on each ticket.
  • Stack up your airline tickets in rows in chronological order. Add small paper flags on each side of each ticket to indicate your starting point and destination for each flight.
  • Scan or photograph your tickets, then cut out the parts of the copies that mention your starting points and destinations as well as the dates of your trip. Cut them into different shapes, then arrange them on the page joined with rubber-stamped arrows to show how your journey unfolded.
  • Place your airline tickets sideways on a colorful backdrop on your scrapbooking page. This works well to showcase the number of tickets you've accumulated, highlighting the sheer volume of flights you took.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Journey of a thousand miles scrapbook page

It's said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The step on the airplane can be a symbolic true beginning of your grand adventure. Start a scrapbook for a great vacation by placing your airline tickets on a scrapbook page that celebrates that first step.

Choose a sky-themed background paper. Print a quote that conveys your sentiments about the start of a journey. Better yet, consider writing it in your own cursive handwriting. You may opt to put cut-outs of footprints on the page or a photograph of you boarding the plane beside your airline tickets. The embellishments in this Ready for Takeoff kit would also make good illustrations for this theme.

Returning Home

Returning home

Sometimes one of the most fun parts of a journey can be coming home. Choose to create a scrapbook page that celebrates your flight home and the point of your trip when it comes full circle: landing in your hometown. Use a home-themed background paper and Home Sweet Home stickers to accentuate the theme as well as the feeling of coming home. Use a house-shaped cut-out as a background to frame your return airline ticket, then glue the ticket to the middle of the house.

Making Great Memories

Set a positive theme for your scrapbook by creating scrapbook pages that showcase your airline tickets. The pages are sure to be a masterpiece within your travel scrapbook. Take your time and make them the representation of how your travels made you feel.

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