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If you know a special set of triplets, you can create a customized memory book to commemorate all the major milestones and fun events in the kids' lives. This is a great way to record those important moments that come with raising triplets and show off the children's individual personalities.

Special Considerations with Triplet Scrapbooks

Making a simple baby book is a great way to preserve your memories of your child's development. However, when you are creating an album for three babies, things get a little more complicated. Keep these considerations in mind as you make a memory book for a set of triplets:

  • Any parent of triplets will tell you that raising three same-aged children leaves little time for scrapbooking. If you're making an album about your own kids, be sure to choose layout ideas that are easy and rewarding. You want to feel a sense of accomplishment when you use your precious free time to create a memory book.
  • Triplets sometimes feel like their individual personalities are swallowed by their siblings. To make the triplets feel special, use layouts that play up each child's differences and talents.
  • It's common for people to compare the development of triplets to each other. Avoid this in your memory book, since triplets often develop at varying rates.
  • Your impressions are almost as important as the photos you take. Be sure to write down your memories about each of the triplets.

Layout Ideas for a Triplet Memory Book

Short on time? You can create the following layouts in a half an hour or less.

Triptych Two-Page Layout

A triptych is a work of art that's created in three panels. This style lends itself perfectly to a layout for triplets. With this design, you can showcase the individual traits that make each triplet unique.

  1. Use a ruler to divide the two-page layout into three equal sections. Mark off the sections by using fun borders or strips of scrapbook paper.
  2. Write each triplet's name at the top of one of the sections and arrange several photos of the child.
  3. Leave room for a journal block to talk about why each child is special and include any outstanding memories.

Triplet Milestones

Kids achieve major developmental milestones at different ages. Instead of celebrating the age at which each child sits up or walks, create a layout about the milestone for all three kids.

  1. Pick a milestone, such as eating solid foods, standing unassisted, riding a bike or even driving a car.
  2. Use die-cut letters or rubber stamps to write the milestone at the top of your two-page layout. If possible, include a quote about this memorable moment.
  3. Use lots of photos of the triplets achieving the task or reaching the moment individually and together. Add captions to the photos, so everyone will know which child is pictured.
  4. Leave plenty of room to record your memories and feelings about the event.

Let's Play

Often, triplets are one another's favorite playmates, and they can keep each other occupied for hours. For a special memory book layout, sneak up on your triplets with a recording device.

  1. Use a recording device, such as a tape recorder or video camera, to capture the triplets playing together. Don't worry about the image quality. You'll only need the audio portion of the recording.
  2. Take a few photos of the play session. Whether the kids are playing with dolls, enjoying a game of dress-up or racing miniature cars in the living room, try to get some great photos of them playing together.
  3. Create a transcript of the play session by writing down what each triplet said. Type up the transcript, and print it out.
  4. Choose a title for your page, such as "Let's Pretend" or "Ready, Set, Go!" Write the title across the top of the page.
  5. Next, paste the transcript in the center of the layout and arrange the photos around it. Record your own impressions of the moment as well.

Other Ideas

As you create your triplet memory book, try some of these other ideas:

  • Make a birthday memory book for all three triplets.
  • Record memories of the triplets on special holidays like Halloween, Easter and Christmas.
  • Give each child his or her own page in the album where you can include drawings and other individual accomplishments.
  • Use three identical sets of scrapbook supplies, such as titles and embellishments, to play up the idea of three children.
  • If creating a memory book gift for a mom-to-be who knows the gender of the triplets, you can make a pink or blue layout to showcase the ultrasound photos.

Strike the Right Balance

Making a triplet memory book is a celebration of three siblings who share the same birthday. This makes it very important to be mindful that each child has his or her own personality. If you focus on this aspect of your subject, then you'll discover that the best layouts strike the perfect balance between these two ideas.

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