Wedding Smash Book Ideas

wedding Smash Book

A wedding themed Smash Book can be a fun way to preserve memories from your special day that aren't suited to a more formal wedding album. If desired, you can even use your Smash Book as an ongoing journal to document the wedding planning process.

Wedding Smash Book Supplies

A wedding Smash Book requires only minimal supplies. K&Company's Smash Collection includes a wedding themed Smash folio that is perfect for documenting your memories. The album has 40 vintage-inspired pages and includes a pen/glue stick combination for easy crafting.

If you don't want to purchase a Smash Book album, you can make a homemade version using the technique described in this video from Simple Scrapbooking Now.

Patterned washi tape is often used as an adhesive for Smash Books. Dress My Cupcake's wedding themed washi tape would be a lovely addition to your wedding Smash Book. Lace patterned tape in your wedding colors, such as the Love My Tapes lace washi tape, would also work well.

Journaling pads, such as the Special Occasions Smash Pad from K&Company, can be useful if you don't feel comfortable writing directly on your Smash Book layout.

Memorabilia Ideas

Memorabilia is an important part of any Smash Book. Your wedding themed book might include:

  • Love letters from your significant other
  • Photos from when you first met
  • Your wedding invitation
  • Your wedding program
  • Your engagement announcement in the local newspaper
  • Lace from your wedding veil
  • Ribbon bows from the centerpiece decorations
  • Dried flower petals from your wedding bouquet
  • Confetti from your send off after the reception
  • Cards and/or letters from friends and family congratulating you on your wedding
  • Brochures from places you visited on your honeymoon
  • Ticket stubs from places you visited on your honeymoon

Small items can be taped directly to the page. Larger items might need to be added to envelopes or page pockets.

Journaling Ideas for Your Smash Book

wedding Smash Book

A Smash Book can include as little or as much journaling as you want.

Smash Books are the perfect place to document facts such as:

  • How you chose your wedding date
  • Funny, sweet, or unique advice you received from loved ones on your wedding day
  • Meaningful Bible verses from your wedding ceremony
  • Special lyrics from the songs at your wedding reception

Smash Book journaling is usually handwritten, which can take some getting used to if you normally type the journaling on your scrapbook pages. If you're worried about making mistakes, journal on a separate sheet of paper and glue the finished journaling into your Smash Book. Printable journaling cards are ideal for this purpose.

Wedding-Themed Embellishment Ideas

Smash Books tend to be less embellished than traditional scrapbook pages, but a few well chosen accents can enhance the look of each layout. This video from YouTube user Scrapping 601 demonstrates how spray ink, washi tape, patterned paper, stickers, and faux flowers can be used to embellish a wedding Smash Book page.

A Word About Archival Safety

Although Smash Books offer a fun and convenient way to preserve wedding memories, the heavy use of memorabilia to create these keepsakes means that the completed project is likely not acid free and may deteriorate over time. If you're concerned about archival safety, you should only use copies of wedding photos in your Smash Book and save the original prints in a traditional acid-free photo album.

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Wedding Smash Book Ideas