Dog Memory Book

Create a Dog Memory Book

Whether you're documenting the accomplishments of a puppy or memorializing a lost furry friend, you can create a special dog memory book to keep everything fresh in your mind. All you need are some great photos of the family pet, your favorite memories of your pooch and some basic scrapbooking supplies.

Capturing Fido on Film

You'll need lots of great dog photos for your memory book; however, it isn't always easy to capture your dog on film. Since dogs are usually on the move, you can end up with a furry blur instead of the family pet. To avoid this problem, try positioning someone else in the photo to help hold the dog still. Use a quick shutter speed and bright light. Take lots of photos to get a few good ones to use in your scrapbook.

Write It All Down

Your memories are an essential part of any scrapbook album. Take some time to write about what makes your dog special. Keep notes about your puppy's development. Record any funny or touching stories about the family pet. You can later use these notes to fill journal blocks in your album.

Include Other Mementos

Don't forget to include other mementos in your dog scrapbook. Did Fifi ace obedience school? Include her doggy diploma. Also, consider adding vet records, adoption papers, old dog tags, clippings of fur and even your puppy's first collar.

Start at the Beginning

You can start your dog memory scrapbook with your first meeting. Take photos of your puppy at the breeder's house or shelter and write down your first impressions. Be sure to get lots of snapshots of the puppy as she grows, so you can remember all the cute phases and milestones in your dog's development.

Remember the Silly Moments

Dogs have the unique ability to make people laugh. If your canine has a special talent or silly trait, try to get some great photos for your memory book. You can include a series of photos showing your dog being funny. Be sure to make notes about the circumstances that inspired his behavior.

Celebrate the Holidays

Some of the best memories and photos come from holiday celebrations that include a furry friend. Create a Halloween layout showing your dog in a costume or a Christmas layout, featuring your pet in a Santa hat. Add a few notes about memorable moments shared with your pet during the holiday.

Include the Whole Family

When making your memory book, include everyone's impressions about your dog. Ask all of your family members to include their thoughts and specific memories. Take photos of your dog with each person and feature one with the whole family together.

Remember a Lost Friend

Creating a pet memory album can be a good way to work through your grief over the loss of your furry companion. If you've recently lost your dog, take some time to write down your best memories and gather photos. The album you create may be bittersweet, but it will help preserve your special relationship for years to come.

More Ideas for Pet Albums

You can preserve all those special moments with your pet in a dog memory album. For even more great ideas for dog memory books, check out the LoveToKnow Scrapbooking slideshow Ideas for Pet Scrapbooks.

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