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You can create sleeping cat embellishments to add humor and charm to your pet-themed scrapbook. There is nothing more peaceful then watching your beloved cat as he sleeps. Add that charm to your scrapbook page!

Buying Sleeping Cat Scrapbook Supplies

Unfortunately, there are very few scrapbook supplies on the market inspired by sleeping cats. While you'll find no shortage of feline-themed supplies, it is the cats in repose that are another story.

One option is a sleeping cat charm from By using an eyelet, you can easily attach this charm to your scrapbook page. The sleeping cat charm comes in gold or silver-colored metal, and there are two configurations available. One features a contented cat curled up with its eyes closed. The other displays a sleeping kitty stretched out on its back with one paw behind its head.

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Making Your Sleeping Cat Embellishment

Since there aren't many sleeping kitty scrapbooking embellishments available for purchase, get creative and make your own. Try some of the following fun ideas:

  • Find a clip art image of a cat asleep and use your computer to shrink it down to the appropriate size. Then print the image on sticker paper to make your own sleeping feline sticker.
  • Take a photograph of your cat asleep and use a computer graphic design program to create custom scrapbook borders featuring the image. A row of sleeping cats makes a peaceful and playful border for any pet layout.
  • Use a clip art image or photograph to create your own sleeping kitty die cut. To do this, trace just the outside of the image using tracing paper. Cut it out, and then use it as a pattern to create a die cut out of cardstock. Sand the edges or use a paw-printed paper to give the die cut more personality.

Ideas for Using Sleeping Cat Scrapbooking Embellishments

If you don't already have a layout in mind, consider one of these ideas featuring cats asleep. They all use cat embellishments to add extra fun and texture to the design.

Restful Feline Layout

Get a series of photos of your cat sleeping. Try to capture the cat in different positions of repose, especially if some of these poses are funny. Next, create a sleeping cat die cut that is almost as large as the page. For maximum impact, choose a scrapbook paper that contrasts with your cat's fur color. Then arrange the photos of your cat in a series across the page.

Charming Kitty

To create a cat layout with a little extra flair, use charms to embellish the page. Start with a simple paper for the background, and then mount four photos of your cat in a grid on the page. You might use a contrasting paper as a mat behind the photos to draw more attention to your pet. Finally, use eyelets to attach sleeping cat charms at the four corners of each photo.

Note: When using charms in your layout, be sure you don't have any photos on the adjoining page. Otherwise, these photos can be damaged when the album is closed.

Sleeping Kitty Stickers

You might also use sleeping cat stickers to embellish a page of your child asleep. This can be especially cute if your child loves cats or has a special stuffed kitty. To create this layout, use two of three photos of your child. Anchor the photos on the page with sleeping cat stickers you create yourself. Consider using cats in different poses to vary the look and make the page even more amusing.

Other Kitty-Themed Scrapbooking Supplies

Although the selection of sleeping cat embellishments is somewhat limited, you'll find that there's no shortage of cat scrapbooking supplies. The following resources are great for adding a little extra feline flair to your layouts:

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