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Creating a trying to conceive scrapbook can be a bittersweet endeavor for women who are desperately yearning for a child. However, for others, making this type of memory book can be an exciting or healing experience that yields a very happy ending.

About Trying to Conceive Scrapbooks

Trying to conceive or TTC scrapbooks are ideal for women who want to document every step of their pregnancy journey. The albums are designed to accommodate photos, mementos, and journaling, which detail the highs and lows of trying to bring a new life into the world.

By creating a TTC scrapbook, you have the opportunity to store all aspects of your impending pregnancy in one place. What's more, down the road, your book will potentially become a treasure chest of memories that can be shared with your child and future grandchildren. The special keepsake will be a priceless addition to your family, much like the child you are trying to conceive.

Ideas for Trying to Conceive Scrapbooks

Whether you wish to design a whimsical or contemplative TTC scrapbook is your decision. If you choose the latter, it will be up to you to decide how many details you want to reveal regarding your conception process. If you are struggling with fertility issues, you may not want to reveal too much. However, if your fertility struggles were well-known to loved ones, then you might feel comfortable documenting them in your scrapbook.

Consider the following points to include in your trying to conceive album:

  1. Photos and mementos of trips taken while you were trying to conceive
  2. Funny fertility stories
  3. Old wives tales pertaining to fertility that you followed
  4. Romantic photos of you and your significant other during your conception period
  5. Any fertility struggles that you may have endured

Tips for Making a Trying to Conceive Scrapbook

Most scrapbook manufacturers offer a wide array of pregnancy albums and journals, but few sell books specifically entitled: Trying to Conceive. That's where you can flex your creative muscle. There's no need to settle for a rigid and impersonal generic pregnancy scrapbook when you can create your own warm and inviting album filled with designer paper, stickers, stamps and other embellishments that reflect your feelings as you try to conceive a new life.

If you are in the planning stages of your trying to conceive scrapbook, consider these tips to help you get started.

Start at the Beginning

Create journaling blocks detailing your decision to get pregnant. What factors lead to the decision? How many people did you let in on your news? Were you aware of any fertility issues? If so, how did you plan for them?

Take Lots of Pictures

Some women are not shy about their decision to conceive and even take photos of the special lingerie they purchase in which to kick start the conception process. Other photos to include are ones of favorite nursery pieces, strollers, or other baby-related items that you have your eye on.

Document Everything

Don't discount any of your feelings during your conception period. Jot down your thoughts as you embark on this momentous adventure. The moment is life changing regardless of the outcome. Be sure to include the ups and downs associated with trying to conceive. Your personal notes will make for special memories for you, your spouse, and your new addition.

Name Game

You don't have to wait until you are pregnant to select potential names for your baby. Some women have baby names picked out before they even get married. Document the process of your name selection. Did you and your spouse agree on a name right away or are you still undecided? Does the name and spelling have special significance? Are you planning to share the name with others prior to conceiving or will you wait until the baby is born?

Personal Touches

In addition to the journaling blocks, photos, and mementos, you will want to embellish your trying to conceive album with traditional scrapbook items, such as stickers, stamps and die-cuts. Look for stork stickers to decorate layouts that feature potential baby names or add heart stamps around photos of you and your lover on a trying to conceive vacation.

Finally, you might also consider writing a personal letter to the child you are trying to conceive. Describe your hopes and dreams for him and include milestones that highlighted your journey to get pregnant.

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